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The Street Fighter 25th Anniversary event held in San Francisco this weekend was amazing.  And all of the prints I brought up were sold!  Yoshinori Ono (Ono-san) producer and main man of the Street Fighter Franchise even got one.  That was a great honor!   But I did hold back a few of the prints and I'm selling them on my online store.  So if you like to get one just go here KWESTONE STORE.
I also have prints from amazing artists :icondou-hong: and Linda Hong.  So come on by, check it out and shop!

KWESTONE says Two-zeez
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THE NEW KWESTONE ONLINE STORE IS NOW OPEN!  Just go to KWESTONE STORE and shop away!  I posted most of what I was selling at Anime Expo.  Art Prints, Mini Prints, Buttons and And Art toys by some amazing artists like :icondou-hong:, Vivian Nguyen and myself (I'm not amazing only Ham-mazing)!  I'll be putting something new items and new deals each week.  And since it's my Grand Opening… If you spend $15 or more, type in (GRANDOPENING) at the check out I'll give you 20% off your entire order! Woot!  This deal will be good till the end of August.  When you get the chance stop on by the!

But wait there's more!  Next week I'll be doing a free exclusive print give away for all my DA peeps that shop at my store! So stay tuned for that!  So stop on by and shop KWESTONE STORE!
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I was invited to do a couple of Art Pieces for Capcom's Release Party for Street Fighter X Tekken.  The original pieces can be seen on my gallery section.
But I was able to make a limited number of prints to sell at the event. 10 of each to be exact.  And as of 03/08/12, I have 2 of each print left and if you would like to get yourself one, please come visit my personal store at KWESTONE STORE.  Each Print is numbered and signed. :)

KWESTONE says Two-zeez!
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It's been awhile since I wrote or posted in DA... Sorry about that.  But I wanted to let you guys know that I haven't been lazy. :)  I recently published my first art book.  Yay-zerz!  It's called Peaches:  The Pin Up Art of Edgar Antonio and Kwestone.  Yes, a friend and I collaborated to put but this book together.  It was a really great learning experience and I was Artistically satisfied with our results.  So when you get the chance you should check out our blog at  Peaches Pin Up and if you like checkout our store at Peaches Store.  We have the book and some prints for sale.  Everything is totally affordable.  And each month will be putting up new pin up art prints for purchase.  I hope all of you come on through and check it out.

Thanks for the support
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Yay!  I'm getting vacation time.  That means I going to post like crazy!  So stay tooned!

KWESTONE say Two-zeez!
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Hey everyone,
It's been awhile since I've been on DA or even wrote anything in my journal.  But I haven't been lazy.  I started a blog for my hand made and hand painted art.  When you guys get a chance check it out... or just click on this
I'm trying real hard to get back to using real materials.  I'm going to post more vector pieces here on DA and my hand painted pieces on my blog.  I'm also trying to do more gallery shows.  The most recent one is a group show at a gallery call "The Land Of Odd".  You can check them out online. Here's the…
So if you're out in the Eagle Rock, CA area on the night of March 13th, then drop on by and check out the show.  Well that's all I have for now.
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Sometimes you get the chance to do something special.  Always say "YES" when the opportunity arises!  Mine came in the form of an intern and now a good friend who asked if I could help make a costume for Bot Con.  For both of us this was the first time we've ever done anything like this.  It was worth the pain staking hours of cutting foam core, burns from a hot glue gun, watching G1 Transformers and original Star Trek episodes.  Not only did I help build a Shock Wave costume but a friendship that will last a lifetime.

Hats of to ya "DOU-CEPTAGON"!

Check it…
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Really quick.  Posted a new Zombie piece.  It's was for a Zombie show I did this weekend in Santa Ana at a place called Phantom gallery.  I hope you guys like.  Much love to all who came through.

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So I tried to get into the Udon Dark Stalkers tribute art book. This year, unfortunately, I didn't make it in :( Booooo. I drew up a female version of Victor. He's the Frankenstein looking fellow in the Capcom fighting game.  The piece was based on one of the curses called "Midnight Bliss". Where the male character gets turned into female version of themselves. Oh well, at least I get to post it now. I hope you guys enjoy.  Download all you likes!  Hope everyone else is having a good year and congratulations to the talented artist that got into the book.

Now, return your pencils to the up right position.

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Hey everyone!  I didn't have time this weekend to update my journal this weekend... not that anyone is really reading all my jibba-jabba.  But last Thursday I started my class at Art Center and WOW!  I just realized how much I needed to start getting my sketching skill back up again.  I've become lazy!  Kids fresh out of high school were kicking my a$$!  It's a good thing cuz now I've been embarrassed to do better.  My only saving grace is that I already have a job.  While these kids are preparing to find one.  I'll post my hack sketches when I get the chance to scan them.  I got a lot of homework to finish up.  In the mean time I'll post up a Lucha piece to pay homage to the up coming Lucha-Vavoom show I'll be attending here in Los Angeles!  Hope you guys like.

Inspire me folks, I need it bad!

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Happy Friday everyone!  Just glad the work week is over.  Now I can do some serious uploading but tonight I'll just start off with one.  Hope everyone likes.  And as the weekend strolls by I hope to have up some newer work.
Next week is going to be a blast!  I just signed up for an art class at Art Center.  Intro to entertainment design...should be fun!  I'll let you guys know how my first class went.  I start on Thursday!  
Have a great weekend.  Keep your drawing utensils in the upright position.

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My work day was rough but when I got home I started to uploading my art.  Now I feel a lot better. And I'll feel even better when I start sketching before I go to bed.  Something about a pencil and blank sheet of paper that makes me feel calm.  Good night folks and please take a look around in the gallery.  I'll have more tomorrow.
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So I decided that it was time that I posted some art here.  I've been enjoying everyone's talent from the shadows and being inspired.  I felt like I wasn't giving back.  Sorry if it takes some time to get used to this place. I'm still figuring how things work here.  I hope that everyone comes and visit my gallery.  And if anyone feels like leaving me a comment or have some creative criticism about my work please feel free.  I'm looking forward to meeting everyone.
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